Christchurch to Omarama

There are around 40 of us  on  this  Trip  which is a bit big.    The majority are Australians and there are 2 English ladies as  well as an  Indian   man

Today we went up close to the mountain  range including Mt   Cook   (highest peak) but as it was very rainy  visibility  was  poor

Lake Tekapo had brilliant turquoise  water and  there  was an impressive sheep dog statue on the Canterbury plains in honour of their contribution to sheep  farming in the area


4 thoughts on “Christchurch to Omarama

  1. Hi Hazel, Really enjoying your travel stories to date, did you not tell immigration that they would need to smarten up their processes and communications?

  2. Hi Hazel. Sharon sent us link to your blog so just reading it now to catch up on all your adventures. It all sounds exciting though v tiring. There’ll have to be an evening in your house to hear it all! Looking forward to seeing u safe home again but praying that you continue to have a fantastic experience.

    1. Hi hazel, I think you’re preparing to write a book and a good one it would be. I’ve been keeping Sandra and Joan up to date with all your activities. Hope you found, will find a good chur on Sunday

  3. Hi Hazel, sounds like you are having a great time. What do you think of the unfamiliar night sky – have you picked out the Southern Cross yet? Pat and I had a bottle of NZ wine with our dinner at the weekend, while discussing your adventures.

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